The assignment consisted in developing a project to fill a void along the main road of a small town in the north of Italy, replacing an old house recently demolished for its weak structural conditions; an adjoining 2-storeys house, heavily remodeled in the 60s, is included in the plan, together with an empty backyard facing an abandoned barnyard.

During the concept design phase a number of programmatic options have been developed together with the Municipality. As a result, the Municipality decided to build a new public library in the empty plot, reusing and including the adjoining house in the project, and connecting the street and the backyard that will become a public/communal courtyard shared with the existing municipal home for the elderly.

The new building is conceived as one main lounge flooded by zenithal natural light and surrounded with timber book walls; the existing 2-storey house is refurbished and most of the 60s alterations removed, to host restrooms, wardrobe, installation equipment and the children section of the library.