“The adaptable city: inserting urban rhythms” is the leitmotif of the proposal for the new Venezia Mestre’s railway station and for the regeneration of the surrounding open public spaces.
The new railway station, built on the grounds of the existing, is an opportunity to design a restitching, even at the landscape scale, between Mestre and Marghera and promote the requalification of an infrasturctual and intermodal hub, characterized by significant local and national flows.

The aim of the project is to act as an alternative model to the “intermodal hubs”, designed together with the high speed lines over the last few decades.
A sequence of public spaces open to activities, events and different uses in close connection with the city is flanked by an “indoor” linear public space – the railway station – that can host services for citiziens, commuters and either tourists.
Some urban “landmarks” (the harbour, two tall buildings) host programs and functions of larger size, hostel, hotel, shopping mall, cinema and a Downtown Athletic Club.”