Hi! Marghera is B22 contribution to the Venice pavilion at the 15th International Architecture Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia.

The first part of the contribution is a photographic research carried out by Marina Caneve – named Beautiful Bridges: a migration system breaking all European borders – on the strategies adopted in the last decades by the European Union to protect the spontaneous migrations of the fauna. While facing a tough political debate on borders control and migration, Europe is adding a fine layer over the existing infrastructural network: a layer made of ecoducts, bridges and monitoring devices, built to cross highways and national borders and meant for animals but often used by humans.

The second part is a scenario for Porto Marghera, a story of houses, neighborhoods and urban pieces. It investigates the transformation of industrial precincts through well known materials, that are the result of a development occurred during the last century in European cities; a collage, in form of a divertissement, where the waterfront and some of the most important industrial archaeologies belong to the public.

While photography is a chronicle of current times and its contradictions, drawings represent both the past and the future for Marghera: a European city, centered on its dwellers, as a result of several local and non-local changes and transformations, full of ordinary spaces and extraordinary landscapes, open to any use, as required by the ongoing developments.