The new owners of an ancient Tuscan farmhouse opened an invited competition for the refurbishment of the building which has been deeply modified in the second half of 20th century. The object of the call is the renewal and extension of the open space of the villa: the excavation of the existing tennis field in order to provide a proper visual relationship between the landscape, the topography and the farmhouse.

The new pool is conceived as a precious dig in which the ceramic cladding reminds – through a contemporary reinterpretation – the Siena Cathedral pavement. The difference in level between the farmhouse and the pool is solved by a porch which, referring in shape and colors to the Medici villas and the Italian portico, hosts a new orangerie, a bar and a spa.

On one side of the pool, a big sculpture is crossed by the running water within a process of progressive emergence, due to the oxidation of some parts of material, stories and images.