The nursery is part of Milano Citylife, the plan for the redevelopment of the former fairgrounds neighbourhood. The project, located in a green hinge area just in the south of the convention center of Milan, tries to mend the boundary between the city and its green areas.

The building is totally nested in the wooded landscape: a single flat roof – composed by modular elements – where large skylights stand out as sculptural elements, becomes the characterizing element.

The position of the building allows both to make the relation between street and building more gentle, either to ensure the best orientation in terms of acoustic and climatic comfort.

The slight slopes, that rise to a maximum of 1.5 m, mitigate the nursery view from the outside, while ensuring privacy and glimpses of a natural landscape that changes with the seasons.

The nursery faces the city with a small and markedly urban facade, characterized by a deep portico: entrance, waiting area protected from sun and rain, space for children to greet parents, it allows at the same time to solve the main technicalities and security requirements for school buildings.

Some pedagogical guidelines oriented the design. The entire building, conceived as a “discovery path”, seeks to enhance the active participation and creativity of children, giving them the opportunity to “colonize” a variety of environments, recognizable despite the different qualities.