Reclaim is an investigation of the socio-political changes that have lead to the current state of affairs in view of stimulating a debate on future planning policies. The topic of the exhibition is the relationship with the sea, described by the traditional sea huts of the Kingdom of Barhain and their owners.

The fishermen’s huts are an architecture without architects, through the immediacy of its architectural form, speaks of the quest for a more direct relation to the sea, gradually lost in the recent times.
In line with the theme of the Biennale, it offers the visitors a chance to experience rather than observe architecture.

The central piece of the exhibition are three fishermen’s huts which were purchased, documented and dismantled in Bahrain and reconstructed, according to their original plans at the Bahrain Pavilion in the Venice Arsenale, gathering spaces for the Biennale visitors to watch the videos of the interviews which had been conducted with them. The three huts are part of a larger installation containing all the remaining exhibition components.